• The Hennessy 250th Tour

    The Hennessy 250 Tour is an unconventional, multi-facetted and multi-disciplinary event curated by Hervé Mikaeloff with the collaboration of Nathalie Crinière.

    The Hennessy 250 Tour blends the concept of a major travelling exhibition with that of a cultural festival that will take place from March to September and will span five continents, stopping in iconic locations; Guangzhou, Moscow, New York, Johannesburg and Paris.

    In keeping with a creative heritage that is as much material as immaterial, the exhibition showcases leading contemporary artists. Among the featured works are pieces by the French artists Xavier Veilhan and Pierrick Sorin, American artist Tony Oursler, the Scottish artist Charles Sandison and Dutch photographer and film director Anton Corbijn.





    Hennessy 250 Collector Blend

    As the Maison celebrates 250 years of savoir-fair and excellence, Yann Fillioux, the Maison’s Master Blender has also created a unique limited edition Hennessy 250 Collector Blend that embodies the Maison’s history.

    To mark milestone celebrations, Hennessy has always carefully created a special cognac to illustrate a sense of continuity. Today, the Maison celebrates 250 years of savoir-faire and excellence by creating a unique anniversary blend.

    From the 250 handcrafted barrels to the selection of 100 eaux-de-vie with slow maturation process, this cognac's harmony lies in the legacy passed down over 7 generations of Master blenders.

    Presented in a collector decanter and giftbox, this exclusive anniversary blend showcases Hennessy savoir-faire and excellence.

    Send a Message to the Future

    Hennessy Time Barrel

    An important highlight of The Hennessy 250 Tour is The Time Barrel. This installation invites visitors to leave a mark on the future by storing digital messages here and now for future generations. Messages for future generations will remain sealed in the Time Barrel until it is opened half a century from now, on the occasion of Hennessy’s next anniversary celebration in 2065.

    Leave your own legacy and get the chance to enjoy a journey into the Hennessy world, from Cognac to Paris, including an exclusive cognac blending workshop or one of the new Hennessy 250 Collector Blends.

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